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You can creat new category or use the exits category.

But the articles in this category must have the "Intro Image"

How to insert "Intro Image" for article

  • Go to article page.
  • Select "Images and links" tab.
  • Click "Select" button of "Image Intro" field.
  • If you want to linking the article to another page, insert the link in to Link A or Link B or Link C
  • Save it


 Module tab

  • Module Class Suffix
  • Width: set Width of module (base on percentage or pixel)
  • Height: Set Height of Article Item (this option is only using for sepecifix layout)
  • Small Resolution: support for the small resolution
  • Jquery
    • latest: module will load the latest verion of jquery
    • unload: unload jquery
    • version of jQuery: load specific jQuery version
  • Data Source: Select your source of article (Joomla Content)

Joomla Content Setting

  • Select your article by category.
  • You can filter article by Author, ID, Date
  • Article Link: You can select the page when clicking on article item in front end
  • New Tab: open the article in new tab or not.
  • Publish Date: Show publish date
  • Article intro text: Show intro text.


Showcase Layout

  • Showcase: Select your showcase
  • Number of News: Set the number of article that you want to show
  • Primary News: The number news of Primary Group
  • Primary columns: The number columns of Primary Group
  • Secondary columns: The number columns of Secondary Group.
  • Readmore icon: Show readmore icon
  • Lightbox: Show lightbox icon
  • Readmore button: Show readmore button.
  • Readmore text: set the text show in readmore button.
  • Title lever: Select heading size for title