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This tutorial is for AT Nine template. But it can apply to all of our templates 

What’s Included In Package

Downloading gives you a UPZIP-FIRST.xxx.zip file with all the content listed below:

  • Extensions - These are your free modules/plugins to use on this template.
  • Template - This is the template only install file.
  • Quickstart - This is your main quickstart package, it will help you to reprodude demo.


Installation Guide

This section covers how to install our templates. There are two ways in which you can install the template:
  •  Quickstart: a quick-launch Joomla installation package that contains all the data and extensions to replicate the live demo. (recommended)
  •  Single theme :install the theme in an existing Joomla installation.


Quickstart Package installing

The quickstart package helps you to re-produce our live demo that we have on our site (www.amazing-templates.com).It is the recommended way for newbies or if you don’t want to go through the individual setup of each component, module or plug-in. The steps to follow are as follows: 

1. Upload and extract the quickstart.zip to your server . A good FTP that we use is Filezilla. In most cases you will unpack it under the public_html folder, www root folder (windows hosting) or the root folder of your server. In this exam, we extract it under /public_html/demos/jtpl/at_nine

2. Access your site on the browser http://www.mysite.com and this should direct you to the installation prompt of your Joomla installation. Ex: http://amazing-templates.com/demos/jtpl/at_nine

3. Follow the Joomla installation prompts as you would a normal Joomla installation. In this step, I assume that you have some very basic Joomla experience.

4. Remember to check install sample data in latest step.

5. Once the installation is complete, delete the installation folder and your site should look exactly like the demo version.