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This document will show you how to config the AT Templates. Example: change width, load Jquery, add Google Analytics, active Responsive....

Where you can config AT Templates ?

  1. Login your Back-End (Administrator page)
  2. Click on Extensions > Template Manager
  3. Select AT Template

Global Tab

Google Analytics, Copyright, Setting Bar, Responsive, Jquery, Showcase...

  • Google Analytics: Add your Google Analytics Key.
  • Copyright: Show or remove our copyright and backlink (Disabled in Free version)
  • Setting Bar: Show or remove Color and Background picker
  • Responsive: Active or deactive Responsive function
  • Jquery: Load or unload latest version of Jquery
  • Showcase: Select Color theme
  • Background: Select Background

Content Tab

Main Content of Page, Hide Menu, Show System Message Block, 404 Page

  • Show Main Content: Show or hide main content of page.
  • Hide Menu Items: Hide one or more menu items in menu group
  • Show Message: Show or hide System Message Block
  • 404 Page: When visitor view the page not available on your site, system will redirect to this article

Dimensions Tab

With this tab, you can customize the template layout by charging the width of Main Block or Module Block...

Example: When you setup and build your site but does not using quickstart package then add the slideshow or banner module. Assign it to Tool Possition. But in the font-end, the slideshow and banner is not full width (100% width). You only need go to this tab, look at Demension Group, change value of "Tool Block" to 100%.


Scroll Animations Tab

You can set the animation of any module or element when scroll the page.

  • Module: Click this to Set Animation for all Module that you created. Click on select box, this will load all module "mod_id+mod_name+mod_position", select module that you want and select animation on the right columns. Click save double time.
  • Specific HTML element: add ID element, select animation on the right columns. Click save double time.


Font & Color Tab

Customize Color of link and hover link, font, Google Font, and add css for headding


Utilities Tab

Add custom css file, go to top button, custom go to button, optimize function

  • Customize CSS file: Add your custom css file into /templates/at_templates/css/customize, and add the css file name to this area
  • Go To Top Button: Show or hide Go to top button
  • Go to top css: Custom go to top button css
  • Optimize: You can select optimize function to increase loading speed.